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Our School Day

Children should arrive at School promptly at 8.55am they will be instructed to line up in their classes once the bell has rung before walking to their respective classrooms.


8.55 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. } the children are taught for

1.10 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.   } approx. 24.75 hrs per week


We consider punctuality to be of prime importance.  It is therefore essential that all children are in school on time to enable registers to be completed and other administrative activities to be undertaken. The number of times a child is late will be recorded in a late book and on their School Annual Report. We ask for your co-operation in ensuring that your child is in school on time.  Children who are persistently late will receive a letter requesting that their punctuality improve. If the lateness is persistent then the Pupil Attendance and Educational Welfare Service may be asked to make a home visit.


If your child is absent you are required to call the school before 9.30am and leave a message on the school’s answer machine giving your child’s name, class and the reason for the absence.

Failure to log your child’s absence will result in a text message being sent to you at 10am to remind you to call the school to log your child’s absence.

Further failure to inform the school about your child’s absence will result in a phone call from the school.

An absence form must also be completed upon your child’s return to school which, again, can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the website and returned to school.


As a school that promotes healthy eating and life styles we encourage the children to bring a fruit/vegetable snack into school to eat at morning break.


Lunch takes place from 12.00 until 1.10pm the children have a choice from bringing their own packed lunch or purchasing a hot dinner from the School canteen (please see the School Meals section for further information). After lunch children can enjoy the facilities on the playground ranging from climbing walls to football pitches to the newly built Trim-Trail.


Children are allowed to bring water bottles into school. The water must be in a transparent, named, plastic water bottle with a sports cap top. The bottle of water, which will stay in the classroom during break and lunchtime, must be taken home daily to be cleaned and the contents replaced. All of the tap water in school is mains water and is suitable for drinking. 


In the effect that an after School club is cancelled the School Office will contact you via text or phone call at the earliest opportunity. 


It is important that children are collected promptly at the end of the school day. We would request that pick up arrangements are made in advance.  Of course, if circumstances change unexpectedly, please contact the school office and they will ensure that a message is passed on to the child.


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